About Us

Who are we?

We are a small private company based in Belgium. We have been around dogs all our lives and own a staffordshire bull terrier kennel.

Why Quantum Force and what are our values?

The name Quantum Force came to life when we were looking for something that could be linked to our kennel Quantum Leap. One of the things that we value in both dogs and products is functionality. We want to take a quantum leap in quality when it comes to breeding dogs. And what do strong, functional dogs need more than strong, quality gear that can handle a lot of brute force?

Why choose our products?

The question we ask ourselves before buying anything is “why should we buy here and not somewhere else?”. It only makes sense that we answer this question too when it comes to our business.
We don’t believe in using cheap materials of bad quality. Growing up with strong dogs we have seen a lot of products fail and not live up to their names. This is why we chose to create a line of products with proven good quality materials that we have tested ourselves to prevent this from happening. We want the best for our own dogs and we want to make sure other people can access the same quality products we use ourselves. On top of that we believe in good customer service, we personally value respect and honesty and will reflect that onto the people we meet and do business with.

If you still have any questions about us and about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.