Information about the AustriAlpin Cobra buckle

Info about the buckles we use

The buckles we use are AustriAlpin’s Cobra ProStyle, created in Austria. The minimum breaking load of those is 18 Kn. This equals 1835.35 Kg! We specifically chose to work with these and not cheaper alternatives because every product gets tested before being released onto the market. We don’t think it’s responsible to use untested products of possibly bad quality just because it makes for cheaper collars. The two clip system only works when you press both clips at the same time. When you press only one, it will still be able to hold 18 Kn. Safety first!
Every collar in our Cobra ProStyle range uses this buckle system!
We sincerely believe that the quality and strength from the materials used are important aspects that every dog owner should look at. The safety of our pooches is something we all find important, which is alos why we should all try to give them the best possible dog gear.


  1. Haben sie ein Geschäft oder Laden wo man kaufen kann ich würde
    gern vorbeikommen bitte um die Anschrift.Danke

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